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Monday, June 7, 2010


As I was combing through Facebook this morning I saw a status update from the fan page of Norristown Businesses/ Events.  The question was, who has the best water ice?  Buddy's was a favorite in my youth.  Marcy's also was a good one, but long since forgotten (Water Mellon was the best!).  Of course these are Norristown Specific so if you have your own local favorite, post them here in comments.

It's funny how many memories something as simple as water ice brings back.  Via Veneto was also listed as a possibility and that brought me to the basis of this post.

I wrote in a previous post how Via Veneto has the best Sicilian pie around.  Because it was a pizza post I left out the part of their business that has allowed that family to flourish.  That is their water ice.  So much so that the water ice division has their own website.

In 1976, the very first scoop of water ice was presented to friends and the the two brothers, Domenico and Natale, along with their cousin Vito knew they had something special.

Today, they sell their product all over the country in malls, stadiums, amusement parks, coliseums, golf courses, marina's, and the list goes on.  For more than 30 years they have manufactured, packaged and shipped from their production facility in West Norriton, PA.

The product is sold locally in numerous pizza shops, restaurants and deli's.  They also produce a private label product which is sold in supermarkets across the country.

This is truly a success story of how a local pizza shop seized an opportunity based on their passion and expertise.  With the success they had locally, they knew that with the right business model, they would be able to distribute their product on a much larger scale.  With 5 wholesale distributors, Via Veneto water ice isn't only available to us locals!

The water ice business has been very good to the family and yet, you can still see the Brothers working at the pizza shop.  Located on Markley St. in Norristown, they still stay true to their roots.   Regardless of your choice for the best water ice, I think it's clear that the most successful is Via Veneto's!  If you are reading this I can't believe that I would even need to say this, but if you haven't, get out and try this product.  With over 26 flavors you won't be left short of options!  My favorite?  Black Cherry!

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