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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pizza BABY!

It's time for my favorite subject.  Pizza!  I mean, c'mon.  If there is one thing this area has is awesome pizza.  The types differ as well.  See this is why no one ever has the best Pizza contest either because there isn't exactly one best pizza.  The tastes and textures and varieties are so different that it's really hard to pinpoint one Best Ever!

Well, I am going to give you mine.  Oddly enough they are all from this area as well.  See, when I was younger I traveled all over the US.  Yes, I have literally stepped foot in every state in the nation with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.  And in all of those states I ate pizza.

I have arguments from friends about this as well.  Whether we are sitting around the poker table, or stopping home from playing golf, the question always is, Where's the best?  So I am going to give you some categories and then report with my favorites.

Sicilian Pie - This is my favorite category.  I love this thick square heavy slice of pizza.  I think it goes back to the days of growing up where dad would take me to work with him in the summers and we would hit Via Venetos for a slice of Sicilian at lunch.  That and an RC cola (still my favorite cola!).  Padrinos in the  Fairview Village Shopping Center has a very good Sicilian as well and these two differ very much in taste and texture.  Padrinos is a little lighter and fluffier while Venetos is a heavier, meatier texture to it.  Pizza Mia also has an awesome pie and regardless of how huge their menu is, I always get the Sicilian when I am there.  Usually as an appetizer :)

Neopolitan - This one is your standard triangle slice of heaven.  So many different ways to go with this pie.  extra cheese, meat, you have buffalo chicken, bbq chicken, cheese steak pizza, white pizza, Hawaiian pizza, etc.,  but for this one I am going straight plain neo pie.  Tony and Joes in Conshohocken makes a real nice one.  The sauce is just right, the dough is tender, and it's always cooked to perfection.  Main St pizza has been a real hit lately in the neighborhoods.  With two locations they deliver to a wide area and their pies are very good.  I like their sauce as well and the slices are big.  Angelo's in King of Prussia is another Gem.  Seriously this place is as close to the benchmark as you get. The slice just has that "thing" to it.  That little something that tells you it's more than just sustenance.  It's more than just a snack.

Red Top Pizza - If you don't know what a red top pizza is or haven't taste it...  I want you to stop what you are doing, get in your car, and drive to either East Norriton or Bridgeport now.  Not tomorrow, not after work, NOW!  A red top pizza is a pie that is built like  a regular pizza, only at the end they drizzle on this incredibly dark, sweet sauce, usually concentrically from the center and it is out of this world. Charlies is in East Norriton and Franzone's has a location in Bridgeport.   Both are ridiculous.

My winners are real easy as well.  for Sicilian I'm going with Via Venetos.  Call it nostalgia.  Nah It's the benchmark for all Sicilian pies across the country.  For the best neopolitan slice I'm going with Angelo's.  Seriously, it's that good.  For the best red top  - I can't really say.  It's a toss up in my book.  They both have their own distinct flavor and honestly, it's too close to call.

Now, this is all about me.  What I like the best.  Leave your comments with your own. Add who you want, and suggest others.  State your case, and I'll head out and give it a critique.  Chances are I've already been there, but it would be nice to have an official excuse!


SirFWALGMan said...

mmm foood.

Anonymous said...

Sal's Pizza on Township Line in Abington (McKinley neighborhood). Best Neopolitan pizza in the world (not a fan of their Sicilian though).

And I must say I love Via Veneto's Neo too.

Anonymous said...

I like Vio Veneto alot, but I am sorry...Franzones is my all time favorite.....I always have it on special occasions....Mothers Day, Birthday.....every Friday (smile)