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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Local Business Spotlight!

In the next few weeks this blog will be getting a slight overhaul.  Mainly in appearance but also in functionality where you will be able to request a write up on your favorite business.  You'll also be able to find a write up that has already been done on a specific business, and you will be able to add your own input or review on those business that have already been spotlighted.

While that is going on you, I will be traveling the county finding new businesses to spotlight.  If you know of any that have a specific place in your heart, or a place that you know has been around and really takes pride in their community, leave a comment here or email with your suggestions.  I'll be out and about taking pictures, interviewing the owners and customers as well getting input and feedback about what makes them who they are, their part in shaping the community, and how they have managed to do so.

Feel free to add what you would like to read more about as well.  This is for the community and what will make it a better, stronger, more independent economy.

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