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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A person is smart...People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals

I love that line.  Can you name the movie?

I read a Facebook status update yesterday from a friend who was interested in how others could still support BP Oil.  Why not drive the extra 5 minutes or spend the extra $0.10 a gallon please?

One of the comments left was...  People blamed Bush, and now Obama for unemployment in this country while they drive to Walmart.

I thought that was pretty profound actually.  Not really relevant to the original post but insightful nonetheless.  It's also something that goes unnoticed in this country.  It's the same reason why people are still going to BP.  Convenience.

We have ridiculous lives today.  We really do.  We work more, we work harder, we have less kids than previous generations but ten times the amount of activities.  Every second is sucked out of our schedules by exterior forces and we struggle to keep up.  Convenience has become a staple in our lives.  With the pressures to keep up it's almost unavoidable to seek out the easiest and quickest way, and that is what drives our decision making when it comes to purchases more than anything else.

The country, and world for that matter, is now more than ever in a crisis.  Thought the banks going under and broke were an issue?  How about entire governments?  Who's next?  What's next?  For most it doesn't seem to matter too much as long as their bills are being paid, their kids are being fed, and being able to pay for college is starting to look a little more palatable.

I look back to something my grandmother told me a while back.  When there is a big hole, start with little tiny stitches from one corner.  Start by making it strongest in the little spot first, then work your way out from there.  Now, she was talking about a tear in my football jersey, but old people suffering from a little senility often offer the best advice.

We as people can't affect the global situation ourselves.   We're dumb, panicky, dangerous animals.  As a person, we are able to start within our own communities.  Participating, getting involved, supporting local businesses and therefore the local economy.  That is how we will, as people, be able to effect change that will have immediate impact on OUR lives.

Local business leaders have always taken on that challenge.  I've had debates about who are leaders are within the communities.  The obvious answer is the elected officials.  Those who affect policy, etc.  I will tell you that while I appreciate those who are in office, I view the local business men and women as much better leaders.  Not one that I have spoken to or have interviewed for this blog have denied their responsibility to the community.  They all understand their role in driving the overall growth of each local area, not just in economics but by helping schools, churches, and community centers.

These people are doing their parts.  We should do ours by supporting them.  For it is within the local communities where we must start to take control back for the sake of our future.


SirFWALGMan said...

Riggs for Mayor!!!

Tom McMenamin said...

James, just perusing through some of the archived pieces here and thoroughly agreed with this one 100%, only to find out this whole section was writtin by you !! Kudos to you for being able to articulate what so many of us feel.