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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

On this day In 1868, two women simultaneously placed two wreaths on the graves of a Confederate soldier and a Union soldier celebrating the very first Memorial Day.  A day to remember those who fought so bravely and who sacrificed their lives for an ideal that all men could be free, equal, and pursue happiness in their own way, how they saw fit.

Today, Memorial day is celebrated with friends, family, neighbors.  Community is what is important as each township or borough share the day with parades, fireworks, and cookouts.  It also is the unofficial start of the summer as many travel to the shore for the first time in the year.

Enjoy your time with your loved ones.  Play horseshoes, have a wiffle ball game, horse around in the pool, or on the beach.  Just remember to think about, and honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy this way of life.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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