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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Improvement!

One of the best things about living in this area is the amount of qualified tradesmen who reside and work here.  You'll have a hard time finding someone who grew up in this area and doesn't have someone in their close group of friends or family who isn't a home improvement pro.

This area is home to a bunch of local and national developers, as well as those family businesses that have served our communities and have thrived over the decades.  We trust them, we count on them, we look to them for help and advice.

Some donate their time  and materials to local churches, charitable groups, schools, and communities to help build parks and picnic areas.  They own an integral piece of the community having built the homes and the facilities with their own hands.

What I love to see the most is how this industry has grown with the younger generations.  The two friends in high school who started out cutting lawns for extra money a few years ago now operate a successful landscaping business.  The ones who opted for vo-tech school and learned carpentry or mechanics and went on to work for an uncle or friend of the family doing oil changes or framing houses learning  a skill and eventually building their own business.

DIY has become it's own industry in the last decade mainly because of cable TV shows and the internet.  Folks like doing jobs on their own and gain more confidence from these two media outlets.  They take on jobs from planting trees to renovating a whole kitchen.  The real pros have adapted to this and have put together offerings to not only stay competitive, but to be there in times of trouble so that you, as the homeowner, don't risk your single largest investment.

Some of the guys I depend on specifically are guys I met through family, and will always call on when I have the need.  Jimmy Fazio is a plumber who grew up in this area and had raised a family of his own.  Jimmy is always available with at least sage advice before he gets there.  He's not one to make a house call, just because you called.  His experience is impressive and always gets the job done. 

Paul Pisano is Contractor from Norristown who has served this area for close to 50 years.  Now ran by his son Joe, they specialize in masonry and concrete.  The Pisano's recently rebuilt the stone wall for Holy Saviors Church in Norristown, and have worked hard for their reputation in  our area.

Since 1975 Dan Moore tree service has been servicing the area when it comes to storm damage, removal of trees, and complete tree care.  He has all the necessary equipment to handle the largest jobs and has been a fixture in the community.

These are local guys who I have used and have had experience with but there are so many more from Abington to Lansdale to Lafayette Hills.   If you know of others, leave a comment.  There are many companies out there that do a fantastic job and since this is what this blog is about, let people know.

Leave a comment or email me if you know of a company that does great work and you think they should have the spotlight on them.  This is what this space is for!


Anonymous said...

You asked for names of people that do GREAT have to call Falco & Sons. They are AWESOME. They redid my basement & kitchen and could not be more satisfied. They have a website that details a lot of what they do.

Riggstad said...

Thanks Anon! I will look these guys up and do a write up on them. If you want to give me a detailed write up of what you liked about them feel free to send me an email.