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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rainbow Arts and Crafts is more than Arts and Crafts!

Rainbow Arts and Crafts have been the areas provider for art supplies since 1981.  If you've driven up Germantown Pk. at all you've noticed their billboard and store.  It's almost a landmark if anyone is giving directions from the west to North Whales Rd.

I frequented the store myself on several occasions as my daughters were taking art classes or had school projects, but after a recent visit, I was surprised to see that they offer more than just art supplies and classes.

I spoke with Wayne the owner and he explained to me that birthday parties are a big piece of what they offer the community.  "No one really ever sees the second half of this building", as he walked me back to where they have birthday parties and such.  The room is perfectly set up to cater to all the kids and be sure everyone is learning and participating in every way.

In addition to the parties and the supplies and the classes, Rainbow is also known for the picture framing.  They have one of the most comprehensive framing departments that I"ve seen in the area and Wayne showed me something else that I never even knew existed.  Flat screen TV's being hung on the walls can be a bit of an eyesore when they are not turned on.  Wayne came up with a solution and now provides picture frames custom crafted for those TV's.

This one comes equipped with an automatic oil painting that rolls up with the press of a button hiding the entire TV when not in use.  It is amazing to me what we miss about our local business people and what they have to offer.  Don't just stop in for something you need.  Talk to them and find out what else they offer. 

You can visit Rainbow at 521 West Germantown Pk.  Norristown, PA 19403 610-275-5110
or join their Facebook page

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