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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blooming Affairs Florists is a local favorite!

This story is truly what epitomizes the spirit of the local business person.  How they come to be and how they achieve success.  More importantly, the fact that what defines success is different for everyone.

I remember way back when working at an office, running a sales force and reading the Times Herald.  Every so often they publish a story on the front page of the business section a story about a new business that has opened up locally.  What impressed me was the fact that the owner was a very young woman who had recently graduated from high school and was embarking on her dreams to own a floral store.

The store was called Blooming Affairs and was opened on Sterigere St. in Norristown.  I had a need for some flowers so I stopped there and was pleasantly surprised at the layout of the store and what type of inventory they had for such a small shop.

Well fast forward 9 years later and they're still here.  Plugging away with many different offerings to the community in dealing with everything from birthday parties to weddings.  Their packages are exquisite and are locally known as professional and quick.  Nothing on the service end of the business is ever taken lightly and they continually go out of their way to understand the needs of their customers.  Whether it's a funeral, a new born, a graduation party or a prom, they have solutions, both trendy and formal to fit every customers desires.

They also offer fruit, candy and gourmet baskets for all occasions.  Whatever it is you need, they will find a solution.  You can call them directly for a consultation and the staff is not only friendly, but expert in their field.  They know from experience what works and what doesn't.  Give them a call the next time you are thinking of doing something nice for that special someone.  You'll be surprised how nice your message will come across!

Blooming Affairs Florists
803 Sterigere Street
Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 272-6088


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