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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Conshy Has a New Gig!

Conshy has a new venue for all you bar hoppers out there! Actually, that statement is pretty unfair to the new place that opened last Friday. It's more than just a "bar". I think it will redefine Conshy and it's night life.

8 East opened up in the same spot that E.Y. Toads use to occupy. Let me tell you... it's no Toad's.

Bob Storti and Brad Craig figured at some point in their life they would like to open a restaurant/ bar and provide a hip and fun place for the local community. I can tell you personally that Conshy has never seen anything like this. It's certainly not the standard fair that has occupied Conshy in the past.

After 4 years of work and more than $500, 000 in renovations, Bob and Brad have realized their dream. I was at opening night on Friday and the place was a madhouse. With two bars and two dining areas (one each, both upstairs and one downstairs) the place is Bangin'! Seriously, look at the pics below.

The menu is fantastic and more than reasonable. I had the Black and Bleu sliders and were unbelievable. The bar is stocked with top shelf liquors and a multitude of beers as well.

"We really wanted a very modern and hip place for people to come out and enjoy. We worked really hard to make it exactly as we envisioned it.", said Bob Storti.

The pride these guys took is evident in the design and construction of the entire place. In fact, the work was done solely by the partners. Having a background in contracting helps, and being someone who used to go to Toads every so often, I can tell you that the work they did is really unbelievable. Make plans to go to this place. You won't be disappointed!

Andrew Davis, a frequent Conshy visitor from Manayunk said, "Seriously, we've been waiting for a place like this to open in Conshy. It's really nice, in a great location, and rivals a city bar in it's atmosphere and design."

I spoke to several patrons there and all were more than satisfied. It's been a long time coming, and now you can finally experience it yourself!


Anonymous said...

Amazed by this review. I have not heard one good thing about this restaurant and I am "in the industry."

Mark Thomas said...

I have read several negative things about this place but have read much more positive things from the last two months. And from personal experience my wife and I have been there at least 5 times and have not had a bad experience yet. The happy hours are great.