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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catalyst Marketers... Innovation at its best

One of the most granular questions about starting a business is what value does the product or service offering you are selling bring to the market place? What is it about that product or service that will stand out above your competitors?

Ryan Taft, founder of Catalyst Marketers in Chalfont, PA asked himself that question before starting his company.

"I had a really big desire to show local and small business how to take advantage of technology and new media to help grow their business", said Ryan.

With the emergence of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, businesses really have the ability to gain more advertising for virtually no cost, that may have cost thousands of dollars in the past utilizing more traditional methods.

In fact, they've become so popular, that if your company isn't utilizing these tools, you're way behind the curve, and allowing your competitors to get out ahead of you. Of course, as a small business owner, when you finally decide to sit down and research all of the possibilities, it gets a little frightening. How are you going to learn to do this? Who are you going to get to continue providing content, update status' and constantly tweet?

This is exactly where Catalyst comes in. Ryan started Catalyst Marketers to help small & mid-sized businesses use Social Media and other online marketing tools to reach more customers and prospects, build relationships with those folks, and ultimately drive sales.

Currently Catalyst Clients range from Central Bucks Family YMCA in Doylestown, to National Retail Products producers, and even a slew of auto dealerships. Catalyst Clients outsource their online marketing efforts to Catalyst Marketers. A team of experts in all forms of online marketing, which were brought together to form a virtual partnership that is Catalyst Marketers, help clients build their Online Marketing Plan, as well as, execute their online marketing tactics.

For example, Catalyst Marketers writes blog articles, manages foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, & Flickr, and develops a monthly eNewsletter for Central Bucks Family YMCA. Instead of hiring a team of Marketing employees, which come with salaries, benefits, & tax expenses, the Y outsources this work to Catalyst. The secret to Catalyst's success is that they integrate themselves with each & every client, which makes clients feel like they are part of the internal team. This allows the relationship to thrive.

Most of the online tools out there are 100% free. It simply takes time to learn what tools are out there and available to you, as well as, time to create a plan for using those tools effectively for your business. Business owners who lack the time to do it themselves can find strategic partners like Catalyst Marketers to help them with their Online Marketing efforts.

The coolest thing for me about Catalyst? It's a local business. Check them out. You're business can't wait!

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