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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frosty Falls!

If you've ever driven through Bridgeport you may have noticed the quaint little building that resides right along side the River, across the street from the big red brick building on Dekalb.

That little building is Frosty Falls. A family run business that caters not only those looking for Frosty Treats, but to those looking for a little grub as well.

Frosty uses only the best ingredients in their sandwiches with Boars Head brand meats and Conshy Bakery rolls. They also serve 28 flavors of Hershey Ice Cream as well as water ice and Soft serve.

Sound familiar? Sound like your typical family owned deli style shop that serves ice cream as well? how about the attention to detail they show their customers? Once a week Frosty falls has free train rides for all the kiddies, and being by the river always makes for a cool time.

They are open throughout the spring and summer and most of the fall. Times vary upon the weather but you're certainly missing out if you don't hit this place at least once.

Frosty Falls is just one of those places that the kids need to experience. It's that much fun!

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