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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Building a business on expertise

One of the driving forces behind someone wanting to start their own business is what they have in terms of a skill set. That skill set is usually gained through education and experience in something that they have a passion for.

In the case of King Shooters Supply, that's exactly how it happened. Roger Burris started shooting in 1985 and by 1986 began better bullets inc. Better Bullets was founded out of the need to do exactly what the name implies. Make a better bullet.

He built a round that performed to the highest industry standards. A cleaner, harder, and more accurate round that uses a special hardened alloy to provide better performance. Roger went on to develop and design the process improvements which have been incorporated by the manufacturer of the equipment that the bullets are made by. The bullets are nationally known and are used by Competition Champions as well as law enforcement and gun manufacturers. All told they use about 10,000 lbs. of alloy a month to keep up with production.

In 2003, Better Bullets moved into a larger shop and started King Shooters Supply to provide a retail location. In this location they sell everything from guns, to accessories, to ammunition. They work with local law enforcement and with the county departments making sure everyone is kept up to date on new products, improvements, and technology.

The store meets the needs of every type of shooter. Hunters, recreation shooters, competition shooters, those looking for self defense, and even paint ballers will be well served by the experienced staff. Roger is "papered up" as well with certifications from several manufacturers as a certified gun smith for those specific brands. His qualifications and expertise are well documented by numerous national and local organizations.

So if you are looking for a weapon for whatever reason, ever had an interest in shooting, or are even just curious, you can be sure that your answers will be met by qualified people who are passionate and skillful in the industry.

King Shooters Supply is located in King of Prussia, PA. The retail store compliments their on-line business and they are open 5 days a week. Click the links for directions and their sites!

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