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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fried Chicken!

While driving around the Collegeville area recently, I came upon a place that I hadn't thought of in a quite some time. Speck's was a place I frequented growing up. The food is amazing. So I stopped and ordered a cheeseburger, a bucket of chicken, and some other appetizers to take home to the family. I had forgotten how awesome this place is.

So, as I started doing some research I came across this post. It's a quick read and fully details the menu that Specks offers today. The Landis family has operated the place since it opened and they have obviously have passed more down through the years than just a recipe for good chicken.

50 years and the business is as strong as ever. The tradition and heritage have stood the test of time and the family continues to succeed serving the community.

As a local business case study, this would be a prime example. Create or sell a product that you love, and have a passion for. Serve the community. Continue your tradition by always improving. Pass down through family and employees the experience and expertise you have that has always defined your offering.


Allison Lattanze said...

We love Specks! Thank you to the Landis family for giving us a great place to feed our family at a reasonable price. The broasted chicken is amazing!

Dave said...

Specks is one of the reasons why I weight 300lbs. Specks Chicken is 10 times better then KFC, its not even close actually. Those little burgers on those fresh dinner roles are amazing! I <3 you Specks!!

Anonymous said...

Specks chicken = perfection.